head and tags

Some tags can be controlled using settings


robots (by default)

By default the system will use : <meta name="robots" content="index, follow" />

on all pages (Except for message pages).

On all SYSTEM related pages like admin, users (login, passrecover etc..)

the default tag is: <meta name="robots" content="none" />

Setting custom "robot" tags  (all pages)

Goto the menu, System and then "Website Settings"

Look for Website meta tags (metatags)    Code: metatags

You could add the setting robots see: http://docs.c2.wtf/SYSTEM/doc_images/metatags_setting.JPG

If there is no entry in the settings with the code "metatags", then create a new entry.

Setting custom "robot" tag per single page

In the page JSON you can add:

"header_meta_robots" to overwrite the generic setting

That setting can have all the robot values e.g. : noindex, nofollow  or  none

Favicons or Social icons

The System serves a multitude of default favicons, Social Media preview images and OS and Browser related settings to perfectly fit it into each Interface.

We strongly suggest on using a Favicon generator like: realfavicongenerator.net (https://realfavicongenerator.net/) that takes care of generating all of those favicon files.

While different Social Media Sites have different ways of selecting preview images we only supply those where it can be decided by the user.

To use a custom Favicons you need all files in a folder in your Filemanager: /SYSTEM/favicon/


You need to make a setting in the website settings to tell C2 where it can find the icons to use.

Goto the menu, System and then "Website Settings" and look for Website meta tags (metatags) Code: metatags

If the code metatags is not there create a new entry in the Website settings.

In that json object create a string entry called "faviconfolder" with the value "/SYSTEM/favicons"