Making urls look nicer :)

For seo purposes or just better readability..

Things that should be done

ALL url's used inside the pages or menu's should start with a /

This is for ALL url's.. even if you dont use the nice url notation.

Example :

  • /page.php?al=mypagealias

  • /page/mypagealias               (if you want to use nice url's)

If you never used the nicer url's, all links probably do not start with a /    (e.g.   page.php?al=xxx)

So the first thing you should do is check all links used inside the pages and add the first / to the url.
If you have migrated all pages, then change the menu's.

Note: urls can be found on a lot of places... please try to find them all

Some sitemap.xml settings for search engines

In every page there is a JSON section (You can find these by using the cogwheel edit).
in this section you can set two things that influence the sitemap.xml output.

sitemap_ignore  (true or false)
true means that the current page will NOT show up in the sitemap.xml
false means that the page IS in the sitemap.xml

sitemap_niceurl  (true or false)
true means that the url shown in the sitemap.xml will look like /page/myalias

settings for nicer urls

This is the result for this page.

You can see that url of this page is looking 'nicer' then the other ones :)